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Benefits Of Yoga In Recovery

a person does yoga in recovery at palo verde wellness

There are many benefits of yoga in recovery. Yoga and trauma-informed yoga are increasingly being used in the industry to help clients reconnect with themselves. This type of physical fitness is also used in substance abuse treatment programs to help reduce withdrawal symptoms and provide a healthy outlet to cope with life and potential drug cravings. Below are some ways that yoga can help you in early and later stages of recovery.

Relieves Mind-Body Trauma

Traditional yoga can help restore this balance as well as trauma-informed yoga which relieves trauma from the mind and releases it from the body. Yoga encourages mental and physical relaxation. This helps calm and focus the mind while loosening up tense muscles in the body.

Calms Nervous System

Practicing yoga helps regulate the nervous system. Yoga trains your mind and body to find a healthy balance. The action of flowing in and out of asanas with breath control activates the parasympathetic nervous system. This has been shown to reduce blood pressure and heart rate.

Reduces Stress

There are many things that can make the body too ‘acidic’. One of these is the use of drugs. Yoga helps balance out our ‘acidity’ by working with the parasympathetic nervous system. When this happens our bodies move out of the fight or flight stage and restore general health, reduce stress and increase well being.

Improves Sleep Patterns

Being mindful during yoga by controlling the breath can increase melatonin levels. Controlled breathing creates awareness and regulation, which in turn helps relaxation in the body. These acts will in time improve sleep patterns and restore overall health and wellness There are many other benefits to practicing yoga like reducing anxiety, depression and chronic pain. It is highly recommended that one in recovery practices mindful activities in early and later stages of sobriety. Getting into a pattern of exercise can be challenging in the beginning but the rewards for overall mind, body and soul restoration are endless.