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luxury sober living program palm springs Once you leave treatment for a substance use disorder, staying sober on your own cannot be easy. Many people find that being in their home environment so soon after treatment can be triggering in and of itself. A great option for helping those newly in recovery feel safe and supported without unexpected triggers is through a sober living program.

Sober living is part of the aftercare options at many addiction treatment programs, like the one at Palo Verde Wellness. A dedicated sober living home helps ease the transition out of treatment and into a newly sober life. For more information about luxury sober living in Palm Springs, contact the team at Palo Verde Wellness.

What Is Sober Living?

Know that you have options if you are worried about yourself or a loved one relapsing after treatment. Sober living services offer transitional housing arrangements for people who have finished treatment and desire an independent, sober home life with a sense of structure. Sober living supports living in a home where you are free from temptations from alcohol or drugs.

A sober living program is designed to help clients transition from addiction treatment or an inpatient facility to independent living. The goal is to prevent relapse and provide those in recovery with the tools and resources to live independently. A sober living program can help clients not fall back into old habits that could result in a relapse. For many, sober living is a great aftercare program that can help clients feel better prepared to live a successful sober life.

A sober living program consists of residential facilities for recovering individuals. Clients are not monitored as closely as they are in inpatient treatment. People can ease back into their lives at a more controlled pace in a safe and stable environment. A sober living program helps clients learn how to be responsible for their recovery progress and sobriety by helping them set goals and creating a plan to achieve them.

Benefits of Sober Living

Sober living programs offer many benefits. Clients can be part of a community of peers in similar circumstances. This aftercare option is a safe and smart way to transition from inpatient treatment to living on your own newly sober.

After going through treatment for a substance use disorder, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed about returning to your old life and returning to “normal.” To assist with this, a sober living program focuses on giving clients the right tools to live a sober life in the outside world, on their own. Clients engage in group, individual, and family therapies to help repair strained relationships and build newer, stronger bonds. If help is needed with housing and job placement, there are resources available in sober living programs to assist individuals.

Benefits of sober living programs include:

  • Accountability for sobriety and progress
  • A much-needed structure for newly recovered individuals
  • Building healthy relationships and friendships
  • A supportive environment for recovery
  • A focus on developing healthy coping skills to deal with triggers
  • Improved communication skills
  • Discovering new hobbies and interests
  • Being part of a community versus isolation

Find Out More About Sober Living in Palm Springs

Aftercare is integral to a successful recovery from a substance use disorder. Even after a person goes through detox and treatment, work must be done to avoid a relapse. Sober living programs offer clients the time and resources to safely and successfully transition from treatment to independent living. Clients can draw on a supportive community of peers and professionals as they make a plan that will help them achieve the goal of life-long sobriety.

Palo Verde Wellness offers a new dedicated luxury sober living facility in Palm Springs. This sober home away from home gives clients the attention and tools they need for success. Our compassionate treatment team is standing by to answer any questions you have about our luxury sober living experience. Contact us at 760.209.6683 to learn more.