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people in group therapy Group therapy as part of addiction treatment is an integral part of the recovery process. It might seem uncomfortable to talk among a group of strangers about what you are going through, but over time this group can become a big source of support for you. One of the most significant benefits of group therapy is being with a group of peers who understand your experience. They can relate to what you are going through, support you on your journey, and join you in celebrating your recovery.

The team at Palo Verde Wellness can answer any questions you have about addiction therapy programs in Palm Springs. To learn more about the group therapy program that we offer, please contact Palo Verde Wellness today at 760.209.6683.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group therapy is a core element of almost any addiction recovery program. It involves working together with others who are facing similar struggles with substance use disorders and working through them together as a group. Knowing that you are not alone in your struggles can be an invaluable part of therapy. In addition, being able to socialize with peers and not go through the process in isolation and feeling alone can be highly beneficial. 

Group therapy program has many benefits when treating alcohol and drug addiction, especially when utilized alongside other therapeutic modalities like:

  • Yoga therapy
  • Motivational incentives
  • Nutrition education and counseling
  • Sober living
  • Anger management
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT)

Benefits of Group Therapy In Addiction Recovery

The benefits of group therapy are many, from being around like-minded people to cheering peers on and helping set goals for which you can hold each other accountable. People who participate in group therapy get a new perspective on their struggles and the root causes of their addiction. They can more easily adopt healthier behaviors that set them up for success as they re-enter their life following addiction.

Some of the benefits of group therapy include:


Addiction commonly causes isolation among those struggling with drug or alcohol use. Group therapy helps restore the sense of belonging among peers that they may have lost when they fell victim to the disease of addiction. 


Being among a group of people who understand what your struggles are can provide a level of support that no medical doctor or well-meaning family member ever could. Sharing ideas and suggestions based on their own experiences and struggles is unique to group therapy. 


Especially for those uncomfortable speaking in a group of people, group therapy can provide a safe space for them. This practice allows them to become more comfortable sharing among peers. Sharing with the group sets you up to communicate more effectively with family, friends, and co-workers in an open, honest, and respectful way. 

Contact Palo Verde Wellness About Group Therapy

Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder takes courage, and it is a critical first step toward achieving sobriety. Tackling the issues that led to your dependence on drugs or alcohol and doing the work to change your life for the better is hard. However, it paves the way to a better life for you and for those around you. 

Being able to go through the experience with like-minded individuals as part of group therapy programs will ultimately bring out the best results. It can also induce a combination of emotions like anxiety, hope, and fear along the way. Many people are resistant to the idea of sharing their feelings in therapy. Still, at Palo Verde Wellness, we use a variety of techniques as part of both group and individual therapy sessions. Therapy helps clients learn healthier coping skills and work through especially challenging issues. Give the Palo Verde Wellness team a call today at 760.209.6683 to learn more about group therapy for addiction recovery.