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Aftercare Program

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a therapist talks about attending an aftercare program in palm springs with a client

Palo Verde Wellness is thrilled to open our new treatment facility in the heart of Palm Springs. This healing environment, which is focused on each individual’s well-being, is run by a team of caring, compassionate, and understanding professionals. Our team is well-versed in the process of addiction treatment and how to design a treatment plan to ensure the best possible chance at a successful recovery. We use a variety of therapeutic modalities, and we encourage each client to participate in an aftercare program once they leave our treatment facility.

Palo Verde Wellness offers programs developed and directed by professional clinicians and social workers. Our team understands the treatment and recovery experience from a substance use disorder firsthand. Don’t let the chronic disease of substance abuse ruin your life. Give our team a call today to learn more about addiction treatment programs in Palm Springs.

The Importance of Aftercare

Leaving a treatment facility can be daunting. The lack of structure and support you relied on while in treatment can be hard to get used to. You may struggle with feeling alone and without a plan. This is why aftercare exists. It is a way to help you transition from full-time treatment back to an everyday life routine. Aftercare can be so crucial to your recovery. It’s all about self-awareness and self-assessment. It will help you to recognize when you need additional support in your recovery and give you the tools to ask for it. The goal of aftercare is to help prevent a relapse. Here are a few ways that it does this.

Develop New Tools

Transitioning back into everyday life can be challenging after treatment. Most people need to learn new ways to navigate their life outside of a treatment facility. Aftercare can help arm you with the tools you need so that you don’t fall back into old habits.

Tackle Cravings

It’s all about a new normal so that you can change old habits into new healthier ones. These changes will prevent you from defaulting to people, places, and activities that only foster your cravings. Eliminating the opportunity for these cravings is key. A reliable support system of friends and family can also help you deal with cravings when they arise.

Redefine You

Trying to live a healthier life after substance abuse can make you question a lot about yourself. It’s a humbling process, and while asking for help may have been hard when you were using drugs or alcohol, it’s necessary for a successful recovery. Aftercare helps build a support network that you need through group therapy with peers and reminds you to call on your sober supports such as family and friends when you need them.

Palo Verde Wellness Aftercare Program

When it comes to aftercare, you want to set yourself up for success whether you need support for a short time following treatment or you need a consistent way to check-in when you need it at any time. Recovery is for life. The risk of relapse will always be there, and knowing you have a support program to help you when you feel you are at risk will make your recovery continue to be a success. Aftercare programs can be an extension of an outpatient program, like the one at Palo Verde Wellness, or they can exist in an outside group therapy format.

In addition to an aftercare program, Palo Verde Wellness offers many treatment programs to help individuals battling addiction, including:

  • Alcohol addiction treatment
  • Benzo addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Prescription drug addiction treatment
  • Meth addiction treatment

Reach Out to Palo Verde Wellness for Aftercare

Seeking treatment for a substance use disorder in the Palm Springs area doesn’t have to be difficult. Getting treatment is the first step toward getting sober. At Palo Verde Wellness, we want your experience to be a pleasant and productive one. While it won’t always be an easy road, doing the work to change your life for the better is worth it. Our treatment programs will have you going through the experience alongside like-minded individuals who share similar struggles. We use a variety of therapeutic modalities in both group and individual therapy settings. Different therapies help clients learn coping skills to help work through challenging issues.

Our facility in Palm Springs has programming designed to treat substance use disorders in a calm and comforting environment in the heart of Palm Springs. Our caring and compassionate treatment team are standing by at 760.209.6683 to answer any questions you have about aftercare or any part of the treatment and recovery process.