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Outpatient Treatment

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At Palo Verde Wellness, our outpatient program in Palm Springs, California is designed to address the core issues that lead to addiction. They can then develop a personalized treatment plan to treat the entire body, mind, and spirit. Our substance abuse treatment programs use an integrated approach using evidence-based therapeutic methods and experiential therapies to help clients achieve lifelong sobriety. Our treatment programs include partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient (OP) programs. Learn more about outpatient treatment today by giving our team a call at 760-359-2180 at any time.

Outpatient Treatment Benefits

Outpatient treatment is sought after because of it gives clients the opportunity to continue living their lives during treatment. It allows clients to live at home and come to a treatment facility for therapy sessions.

It’s important to note that outpatient care may not be for everyone. It does not provide around-the-clock care, which some people may need if their level of addiction is severe or they have had a history of relapse. While outpatient care is designed for people with busy careers or families they need to care for, it may not provide enough structure or support for those whose struggles are greater. Being around the triggers in their everyday lives that led to their substance abuse can have a negative effect on treatment. Weighing all of the options with professionals so that you make the right treatment decision for you is vital.

Here are just a few of the benefits of outpatient treatment:

  • Clients do not have to take an extended absence from their job to receive treatment.
  • It is less of a disruption to their routine and responsibilities.
  • Friends and family can be part of the process by supporting the affected person while they are at home.
  • It costs less than residential inpatient treatment.

Differences in Outpatient Care

If you or someone you love is seeking treatment for a substance use disorder, then it’s important to know the difference between the different types of programs available. This includes both residential and outpatient options. Many treatment facilities offer multiple types of treatment, which can be helpful as you may potentially need or want to transition from a higher level of care to a less intensive program as you look to reintegrate into your everyday life and responsibilities.

The three most sought after types of outpatient treatment are:

  • Outpatient program – The most flexible of the outpatient options, this type of program is best for those that have already completed a more intensive level of care.
  • Intensive outpatient program (IOP) – An IOP is also flexible but requires more of a weekly time commitment as it’s generally recommended for those that have a more severe addiction or a history of relapse.
  • Partial hospitalization program (PHP) – A PHP involves the most time of these three options. It provides the highest level of outpatient care, usually needing a greater level of family support at home.

The best way to know what kind of treatment is best for you is to speak with a medical professional, either through your own doctor or by calling a treatment facility like Palo Verde Wellness. Treatment facilities will conduct an intake assessment when you come to the facility to help determine what plan is best for you and your needs.

Palo Verde Wellness Offers Outpatient Treatment in Palm Springs

If you are not sure which type of outpatient treatment is right for you, do not worry. The Palo Verde Wellness team can help guide you in the process. We will work with you to understand the differences between the programs. We will determine what is the best for you and your level of dependence on drugs or alcohol. Experienced and compassionate clinicians provide the evidence-based therapies we offer. Learn the benefits of outpatient programs and talk through what options may be best for you by giving our treatment team a call today at 760-359-2180.