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Intensive Outpatient Program

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man in intensive outpatient programWhen you are looking for treatment for a substance use disorder in Orange County, California, Palo Verde Wellness can help. We offer an outpatient facility as well as a sober living facility in picturesque Palm Springs. Our treatment team has both professional and first-hand experience with drug and alcohol addiction, treatment, and recovery. We provide those suffering from addiction and their family and friends with the tools they need to live their life free of addiction. Give us a call today at 760.209.6683 to learn more about our addiction treatment programs.

What to Expect from an IOP in Palm Springs

Recovery from a substance use disorder takes work and commitment. Before treatment starts, it is crucial to understand the unique challenges that each client faces. A professional treatment team with training and expertise in treating addiction will conduct a thorough assessment to identify the right level of care for each client. These evaluations help both the client and the clinician to work together to design a personalized treatment plan effectively. Every client can, and should, have a say in what will have the most significant impact on their treatment and recovery.

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) can help you overcome addiction and achieve lifelong recovery. Clients can participate in group counseling in mixed-gender or gender-specific groups depending on their needs, recovery goals, and their comfort level. An IOP usually consists of substance abuse treatment on-site at a treatment facility a few days per week for around 3 hours each day. Licensed clinicians lead IOP treatments with a focus on a number of areas, including exploring past traumas, addiction education, family involvement, co-occurring mental health issues, and skills for coping and relapse prevention.

The goals of an IOP include:

  • Recognizing triggers and learning coping strategies 
  • Prioritizing your well-being 
  • Having a strong support network including doctors, family, and friends 
  • Avoiding relapse
  • A return to a healthy and productive life, free of drugs and alcohol

Intensive Outpatient Program at Palo Verde Wellness 

An IOP at Palo Verde Wellness has a curriculum that includes clinical therapies, experiential therapies, and wellness coaching. The treatment team is highly trained and very passionate about what they do. In an IOP, you aren’t the only one going through this challenging time in your life, and those peers can help you through the process and help you achieve your recovery goals.

Some of the things that make an integrated IOP at Palo Verde Wellness unique are:

  • A 12-step approach
  • Life skills training
  • An LGBTQ+ friendly and a transgender safe space
  • A luxury sober living home
  • Nutrition education and counseling
  • Recovery groups and relapse prevention groups
  • A focus on family inclusion

Explore Recovery at Palo Verde Wellness 

Clients in the substance abuse treatment facility at Palo Verde Wellness have the option of our intensive outpatient (IOP). However, this is not the only treatment program that we provide. We offer a range of additional outpatient treatment options and a luxury sober living facility. Both facilities are located in Palm Springs, California, with transportation available between both locations. The nature-inspired surroundings are a perfect therapeutic setting with views of the Santa Rosa mountains and weekend outings as part of the curriculum.  

The treatment team utilizes motivational therapies, positive psychology, and trauma-informed therapies to determine the right treatment plan. Life coaches, nutritionists, and even yoga instructors are utilized as a part of treatment and therapy. Palo Verde Wellness also offers sound baths, where clients are bathed in sound to experience powerful meditation. If you have questions on treatment options in Palm Springs near Orange County, California, give our treatment team a call at 760.209.6683.