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How Can Diet Impact Addiction Recovery?

a woman plans balanced healthy and nutritious meals to support her addiction recovery after completing a nutrition counseling program

The best path to a successful recovery from an addiction to drugs and alcohol is to be the healthiest version of yourself possible. Nutrition and diet play a huge part in this. The reality is that most people battling a substance use disorder have a poor diet. The two tend to go hand in hand. Self-care, in general, is a low priority. A focus on nutrition counseling is important in a holistic addiction treatment program. Receiving the best care for addiction also means receiving the best care for your complete self. At Palo Verde Wellness, our nutrition counseling program ensures that you eat the right things for you to maintain a healthy lifestyle when you leave treatment.

If you are curious about how a nutrition counseling program can help with addiction, give the Palo Verde Wellness team a call today at 760-209-6683.

Diet and Addiction Recovery

Having structured meals during treatment and recovery for a substance use disorder has many benefits. One of which is lessening the effects of withdrawal symptoms. Consuming healthy nutrients can also reduce cravings and lower your risk of relapse. Nutrition counseling helps ensure you know what you need to eat healthier during treatment and recovery, as well as for developing lifelong habits.

As substances leave the body during detox, a lost appetite can return, and it can be hard to manage on your own. You may end up eating the wrong foods and not even realize that you are increasing your risk of developing things like diabetes and heart disease. In other cases, detox can cause some to struggle with eating at all. Whatever the case is, and whatever the dietary struggles are following detox, having nutritional counseling available is a huge benefit to a successful and healthy recovery.

Nutrition counseling is also a great complement to other therapies as part of addiction treatment. Improved mental, physical, nutritional, and spiritual health all work hand in hand. Like every treatment plan at Palo Verde Wellness, nutrition counselors and dieticians will help you to customize your dietary game plan. Each person’s news will be different. A substance use disorder can cause serious damage to eating habits, appetite, vitamin intake, and physical fitness.

A nutritional counseling plan to help avoid triggers and cravings that can lead to relapse includes:

  • Goal setting that focuses on the steps needed to make beneficial changes to your diet and overall health, as opposed to trying to achieve a certain body weight
  • A personalized meal plan with a menu and eating schedule that works for your addiction treatment plan
  • A support system that includes not only staff nutrition counselors but also trusted family and friends

It’s important to learn how diet can impact addiction recovery and take steps to make sure you are making the right choices with the foods you eat.

How Diet Impacts Addiction and Recovery

At Palo Verde Wellness, we believe that nutrition education and counseling are an integral part of treatment and recovery. Simply put, an unhealthy diet results in poor health overall and can put you at risk for relapse by triggering unhealthy cravings. The reality is that those battling a substance use disorder are not known for making healthy choices in general, and this includes eating habits. One of the first things that may need to be addressed after coming to an addiction treatment facility is the effects of poor nutrition because of substance abuse. The bottom line is that being able to receive nutrition counseling as part of your addiction treatment experience can only benefit you – both physically and mentally.

Palo Verde Wellness Offers Nutrition Counseling

The nutrition counseling program at Palo Verde Wellness provides a holistic complement to many therapeutic modalities utilized in our treatment programs. We pride ourselves on offering a well-rounded approach to treatment and recovery that starts with a personalized plan for each and every person. The goal is lifelong recovery – for everyone. A healthy body and a healthy mind can and should be achieved alongside each other.

In addition to nutrition counseling, we offer the following:

  • Sound baths
  • PTSD treatment
  • Anger management
  • Neurofeedback therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Meditative therapy
  • Yoga therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Person-centered therapy

Contact our caring clinical team today at 760-209-6683 to learn more about addiction treatment and nutrition counseling in Palm Springs, California. You can also fill out our online contact form and let us get back to you.