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5 Benefits of Yoga Therapy

a group meditates in a yoga therapy program for addiction treatment

Holistic therapy has many proven benefits. This balance of alternative therapies, along with more traditional therapies, helps create a treatment plan that benefits the whole person – mind, body, and spirit. Successful treatment and recovery do not look the same for each person, so being able to offer different approaches to therapy and ways to manage emotions and triggers provides a better chance of an effective treatment experience and, ultimately, lifelong sobriety. Yoga therapy is one way to treat addiction in a non-traditional way.

Making the decision to get help for addiction is stressful, and so is the entire treatment and recovery process. Yoga is a great way to help manage that stress. Reducing stress reduces the likelihood of falling victim to triggers and the risk of relapse. The team at Palo Verde Wellness can walk you through all of the benefits of a yoga therapy program in Palm Springs. Call 760-209-6683 to learn more.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

Most are familiar with the practice of yoga and its general health and relaxation benefits, but you may not have considered how these benefits can assist in addiction treatment. Because of the calming effect of yoga, it’s the perfect kind of therapy to aid in managing the stresses that can lead to addiction. Unlike traditional therapies like dialectical behavior treatment (DBT) or cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), yoga therapy is a practice you can continue to take part in on your own once you leave a treatment program; in fact, it is recommended as part of aftercare.

A certified yoga instructor can provide yoga therapy as part of a group or individual class setting. In addition to actually practicing yoga, the instructor will teach participants about all of the mental and physical benefits of the practice, especially as it relates to relieving addiction-related stress. Yoga includes stretching movements that work to release tension and increase one’s flexibility, as well as individual and guided meditation.

Benefits of Yoga For Addiction Treatment

Yoga therapy has many benefits – for both the mind and body – when used as part of an addiction treatment program.

1. Better Health

With regular practice, you can lower your blood pressure, boost your immune system, sleep better, stand up straighter, increase your metabolism, and have an overall healthier respiratory and cardiovascular system.

2. Willpower

Practicing self-control and self-discipline can be hard for those dealing with a substance use disorder. Yoga is a perfect exercise to help in teaching you these skills and supporting you to stay on the path of your journey and redirect your focus to make a change for the better.

3. Focus on the Positive

Yoga allows you to be very aware of your thoughts and emotions, as well as what is happening around you. Negative thoughts lead to impulsivity, destructive behaviors, and drug or alcohol misuse. Yoga can help set the stage for a more positive mindset to be more aware of triggers that lead to those negative thoughts and a potential relapse.

4. Develop Good Habits

Work smarter, and be smarter. It’s a mantra that will support your goal of sobriety. Yoga teaches you to pay better attention to your body so you can make smart choices for better well-being. Better habits when it comes to diet, exercise, school, work, and relationships can put you in a better position to avoid triggers or remove them altogether.

5. Boost Your Self-Esteem

Shame and guilt are a big part of addiction. These emotions lead to unhealthy choices and poor self-worth. Part of a yoga practice is the teaching of self-compassion. Learning to love and accept yourself as perfectly imperfect will allow you to lead a full and productive life free from the stigmas of addiction.

Palo Verde Wellness Offers Yoga Therapy in Palm Springs

Going through treatment for addiction is stressful. Yoga has been practiced for years as a way to relax, clear your head, and stay fit. Utilizing yoga as part of an addiction treatment program is a very natural way to help those feeling overwhelmed in treatment relieve their level of stress. Let yoga therapy help you:

  • Manage stress
  • Sleep better
  • Live a more relaxed lifestyle.

If you think a yoga therapy program could benefit you or a loved one, contact the clinical team at Palo Verde Wellness today. Call us at [Direct to learn more about our comprehensive, whole-person approach to addiction treatment, or fill out our online form and let us get back to you.