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Healthy Eating In Recovery

a man eats a salad as part of healthy eating in recovery at palo verde wellness

It’s true eating healthy in recovery is easier said than done (eating cake is so popular it could be a program pastime!) but it is absoultly possible, with the right knowledge and motivation. You are what you eat may sound like a cliche’ but how many times have you eaten a huge pile of your favorite foods and immediately regretted the way it made your body feel, I know I have! Healing our bodies and returning them to their previous state of health (before we started using substances) is an essential part of entering and maintaining our recovery. Here a few easy ideas to get you started:

Avoid Processed Sugar

Sugar is amazing! On this we can all agree, however processed Sugar is far less amazing for your body than one would think. Because our bodies can morph processed sugar into insulin at such a fast pace we can end up eating a lot more empty calories than are needed. This is because it masks our ability to feel full, so ditch the refined sugar and if you must have it try to reach for some stevia instead.

Water, Water, Water!

Say it a little louder for those in the back! While 8 cups of water a day may sound daunting its has widly benefical consequences – clearer skin, weight-loss, fewer lines and wrinkles and increased absorption of nutrients from the foods we eat. Don’t want to be glued to a cup all day? No problem try finding other creative ways to get your water intake such as eating watermelon, YUM!

Go Natural

Organic is great, but isn’t necessarily needed when going natural. There are a ton of options for eating natural foods, and fun ways to do it at that. Visit a local farm and take a tour, then stop by the farmers stand for amazing raw fruit and vegetables to take with you. Take a stroll through an orange grove and sample the merchandise (be sure to ask the grove owners permission) or reach for a bowl of various raw nuts that are great for your heart. Now goo forth and enjoy your sober life – connect, support eachother and EAT!