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5 Long-Term Effects of Meth Addiction

a man struggles to cope with the long term effects of his meth addiction and considers treatment

Crystal methamphetamine, known as meth, is derived from amphetamines that stimulate the central nervous system. It causes dopamine to collect in the brain and create the “high” that many chase. Common street names for meth include crystal meth, crystal, and crank. Meth is a synthetic recreational drug made in meth labs and sold illegally. Meth use is rampant in the United States, especially among young people, because of its highly addictive nature. To get the help you need to overcome an addiction to meth, it’s best to seek professional help. Meth abuse has a number of long-term side effects on the body.

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Long-Term Side Effects of Meth Addiction

Meth use and abuse wreak havoc on one’s body. It is one of the most addictive drugs. It can be smoked, injected, or even swallowed, so its side effects are many, depending on how it is ingested. It is so addictive because once the high wears off, it cannot be achieved again without using the drug. Plus, over time, one’s tolerance only increases, meaning you need more and more of the drug to feel its effects. This is why meth use leads to addiction in most users.

These side effects of meth use can last for months or years after an individual has stopped taking the drug.

Five long-term effects of meth addiction include:

1. Mood Swings

Noticeable uncharacteristic moods that happen often and are extreme. This includes severe depression, being easily irritated, paranoia, confusion, and even multiple personalities.

2. Psychosis

This is when someone is obviously paranoid and hallucinating. This is due to the drug’s effect on the neurological system, potentially causing permanent damage. This can also cause memory loss and appear like symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease.

3. Behavioral Issues

Acting out and taking part in behavior causing poor decisions. Aggressive behavior, personality changes, and a propensity for violence are possible.

4. Lack of Self-Care

No desire to take care of oneself leads to poor hygiene, poor nutrition, and lack of sleep. The effects of this are visible in rotten teeth, sores or skin rashes, anorexia, and other health concerns.

5. Cravings

For many meth users, the cravings may never go away, even after treatment and in recovery. The cravings can be all-consuming and be a lifelong battle to manage just to go about your daily life and responsibilities like work, school, and family.

Meth Addiction Treatment

While many effects of meth use will stay with you, others can be reversed through a well-designed treatment plan. Medically supervised detox, counseling, and a combination of therapies all play a part in effective meth addiction treatment.

Withdrawal is the most difficult part for most people trying to stop their meth use. The symptoms of withdrawal are severe. Symptoms include extreme cravings, fatigue, lethargy, and various psychiatric symptoms. Many recovering from dependence on meth may even need physical therapy to help with getting their coordination back.

Meth addiction brings with it both short and long-term physical, psychological, social, and emotional effects. Without treatment, there is little hope for a life free of substance abuse. Many treatment facilities offer both evidence-based and holistic therapeutic approaches for a well-rounded treatment experience. Inpatient, outpatient, and residential programs are available for meth addiction treatment, depending on the treatment facility.

Break Meth Addiction at Palo Verde Wellness

At Palo Verde Wellness, we have created an environment that is conducive to healing. Nestled among the picturesque landscape of Palm Springs, California, we offer a number of therapeutic modalities so that treatment can be customized for each individual we treat. Our clinicians have extensive experience in treating mental health issues and addictions, and many have gone through treatment themselves and are currently in recovery. The caring, compassionate, and understanding team is able to provide a uniquely personalized treatment experience in a home-like environment, all in a brand new facility in the heart of Palm Springs.

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