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Meth Addiction Treatment

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meth addiction treatment program

Because meth is a powerful stimulant drug, addiction can cause serious and life-threatening effects. From psychosis to lasting physical symptoms, dependence on this substance wreaks havoc on the individuals who fall prey to its power. Finding a substance abuse treatment program that offers meth addiction treatment with an individualized treatment approach is the best way to rid someone of their dependence on meth and get them on the road to recovery and healthier life. Contact the Palo Verde Wellness team today at 760.209.6683 and get the help you or a loved one needs.

What Is Meth?

Meth, or methamphetamine, is considered a Schedule II prescription drug, which is highly addictive, meaning it has a high potential for abuse and is available only by nonrefillable prescription. In some cases, meth is prescribed by a doctor to treat conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy, as well as for weight-loss treatment. Still, it very easily becomes abused beyond its prescribed use.

The drug can be snorted, smoked, dissolved in water or alcohol, or injected. It is stronger than amphetamines, and the stimulant works to increase dopamine amounts in the brain. Once someone is addicted to meth, it is very difficult to stop using the drug, which is why a meth addiction treatment program is the right choice to treat the addiction and find a path to recovery.

Meth Addiction Treatment in Palm Springs

The best way to receive any substance use disorder treatment is through an integrated approach using evidenced-based and experiential therapies. At Palo Verde Wellness, we find that this is the most well-rounded and holistic approach to treatment. Each person who walks through our facility’s doors in Palm Springs receives an individualized treatment plan unique to them.

At a substance use disorder treatment facility, you have the advantage of working with a team of professionals who are invested in you and dedicated to treating your addiction, giving you tools to manage your triggers when you reintegrate into everyday life, and getting you sober and back to a healthy life.

Most meth addiction treatment programs offer partial hospitalization (PHP), intensive outpatient (IOP), and outpatient (OP) programs, depending on the level of addiction and your individual needs. A treatment plan is developed to address each person’s unique challenges through a combination of clinical therapies, experiential therapies, and wellness coaching.

Palo Verde Wellness also offers a boutique-style sober living home in Palm Springs where clients can receive the care and support they need in the Santa Rosa mountains. The area lends itself to all that nature has to offer to support the recovery of those that attend the programming there.

Unlike trying to detox on your own, clinical programs at a substance abuse treatment facility treat addiction using therapeutic modalities like positive psychology, motivational therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). The treatment team includes licensed clinicians, nutritionists, life coaches, and yoga instructors.

Palo Verde Wellness Can Help With Meth Addiction Treatment

Addiction affects every part of the affected individual’s life, including their relationships, career, and health. At Palo Verde Wellness, we treat addiction in a healthy and healing environment in Palm Springs, California. We treat meth addiction like the chronic disease that it is. All our substance abuse programs are led by a team of clinicians who know exactly what each person is going through because they are in recovery. Our team is caring, compassionate, and understanding of the process of addiction treatment and successful recovery using many therapeutic modalities.

Palo Verde Wellness offers a brand new 18-bed facility, a variety of programming, and a treatment team devoted their careers to helping others.

Give the treatment team a call today at 760.209.6683 to learn more.