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What Are the Benefits of Sober Living?

a smiling woman enjoys the benefits sober living has had on her recovery from addiction and overall health and wellbeing

An aftercare plan is crucial to a successful recovery from a substance use disorder. Just because you went through the steps and have gotten yourself in what you think is a good place with your sobriety doesn’t mean there is still work to do to stay sober. A sober living program offers a safe place to transition from treatment to independent living. The community of peers going through a similar experience and the help of professionals who have been in your shoes will better set you up to stay sober when you get back to living on your own outside of treatment.

The Palo Verde wellness team is happy to answer any questions you have about the benefits of sober living or other treatment and recovery programs in Palm Springs. Reach us at 760-209-6683.

What Is Sober Living?

Simply put, sober living is a type of aftercare. Something you can transition into after you have completed a treatment program. Sober living affords you the opportunity to take all that you learned in treatment and transition into recovery without the added distractions and possible triggers of your home life. It gives you extra time and resources to be ready to fully make that transition and feel comfortable that you are ready with all the tools you need.

A sober living home ensures that your recovery journey starts out in a living arrangement that is free from the temptations of alcohol or drugs. The support system in place in sober living makes sure you don’t fall back into old habits and, ultimately, relapse. It offers an aftercare option that can help you feel better prepared to live a successful sober life.

A sober living house is actually a residential facility where individuals live among peers going through the same experience. They have the freedom of living independently but with a support system built in to help them better manage the transition from treatment to recovery. It’s a more controlled and structured recovery environment than being back at home, where triggers may be rampant. This kind of aftercare option also makes you responsible for your progress and the outcome of your recovery journey.

Benefits of Sober Living

There are many benefits to the affected individual who takes advantage of a sober living program. Being part of a community of peers in similar circumstances tops the list. In addition, it is a safe and smart way to transition from a treatment program to being newly sober and living on your own. It’s normal to be overwhelmed after completing a treatment program for a substance use disorder. You may be wondering how you will easily get back to ‘normal’ without help. The reality is that you can’t do it on your own. In fact, for the best chance at a successful recovery, you should have a support network you can count on for life. A sober living program will help you ensure you have the right tools to live a sober life on your own when you are ready.

Benefits of sober living include:

  • Being in charge of your accountability
  • A community of peers
  • A recovery structure
  • Starting recovery with healthy relationships and friendships
  • A built-in support network
  • Tools to continue to work on coping skills to deal with triggers
  • A chance to improve communication skills

Palo Verde Wellness Offers Sober Living in Palm Springs

It can be difficult to stay sober on your own. Going right from a treatment facility back to everyday life is not the right path for everyone. Many people find that being at home so soon after treatment is a trigger that is almost too much to handle. In this situation, an aftercare program like sober living is the perfect fit.

Palo Verde Wellness offers a new dedicated luxury sober living facility in the heart of Palm Springs, California. It is a sober home away from home where you can get the extra support you need to transition from treatment to independent living and maintain your sobriety. Our treatment team is well-versed in the treatment and recovery experience, as many of our clinicians are in recovery themselves. Contact us at 760-209-6683 to learn more about aftercare options that meet your needs, or fill out our online form, and we will get back to you.