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PTSD Treatment

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a man opens up and begins to heal in a PTSD treatment program as part of his addiction treatmentWhy do addiction treatment centers offer post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) treatment? It’s because it’s not uncommon for those battling a substance use disorder also to be struggling with PTSD at the same time. In many cases, PTSD can lead to addiction. Drugs and alcohol are often seen by the user as a way to “fix” or “numb” the effects of PTSD. Unfortunately, more often than not, this use leads to abuse.

Being able to recognize the signs and symptoms of PTSD alongside an addiction can help make the treatment and recovery journey much more effective and successful. If you have questions about receiving treatment for PTSD as part of an addiction therapy program, give the caring team at Palo Verde Wellness a call today at 760.209.6683.

What Is PTSD?

First, it’s important to understand what PTSD is. It’s considered a mental condition that is brought on following a traumatic event. After experiencing or witnessing an event like this, it can cause triggers such as uncontrollable anxiety, flashbacks, and nightmares. Many end up turning to drugs and alcohol to deal with these symptoms, which can lead to addiction.

PTSD is often found in those who have served in the military, are victims of physical or sexual assault, and those recovering from a serious accident or injury. The physical, mental, emotional, and social impacts are many. People suffering from PTSD may turn to drugs or alcohol to deal with the symptoms of the disorder, but it’s a temporary fix. Substance use generally makes the condition worse and risks leading to addiction.

Benefits of a PTSD Treatment Program

When battling both PTSD and a substance use disorder, there is a mix of emotions that can surface, which make it challenging to see the way through to recovery and sobriety. These emotions are connected to the traumatic event that caused the PTSD. Being able to attack these emotions head-on as a part of your therapeutic process only makes your recovery journey more well-rounded and potentially more successful.

It’s important first to be able to recognize the signs of PTSD, including:

  • How a specific triggering event brings on a major emotional roller coaster
  • A recurring physical reaction to a trigger
  • Someone begins to avoid places, people, or things that remind them of a trauma in their life
  • Recurring bad dreams or nightmares related to a trauma
  • Avoidance of the trauma and that it occurred
  • Regular flashbacks to the traumatic event

PTSD has symptoms similar to depression. These symptoms – like negative thoughts, hopelessness, violent episode, paranoia, reclusiveness, self-harm, and suicidal tendencies – can be addressed in therapy as part of a substance use disorder treatment plan. It’s a holistic approach to recovery.

PTSD Treatment at Palo Verde Wellness

At Palo Verde Wellness, our goal is to help each person that comes to us for help achieve lifelong sobriety. Sometimes this includes tackling co-occurring disorders at the same time, like PTSD. One of the most significant benefits of receiving treatment at Palo Verde Wellness is that all of the treatment programs are developed and directed by professional clinicians and social workers, most of whom are in recovery themselves.

Set in the picturesque landscape of Palm Springs, you will be able to engage in a holistic treatment program that treats your entire person – mind, body, and spirit. Our team knows that with the right support, recovery is possible through a very personalized approach to treatment.

Underlying traumatic experiences can have a significant impact on treatment and recovery. We believe in an integrated approach using both evidence-based therapeutic methods and experiential therapies.

Restore balance to your life today by contacting the Palo Verde Wellness team at 760.209.6683 or via our online form.